"It's time for change"

Jonathan Karns was adopted at just a few months old as one of 18 children taken in by a missionary whose focus was to promote faith, education and literacy. This extraordinarily giving woman gave all her children the chance to learn daily life lessons, and Jonathan embraced her teachings, as well as gaining positive experiences and wisdom from his interactions with the extended family of adopted brothers and sisters of all ages. He was taught to believe in the good in people. He learned how to work hard to get ahead. He discovered how decency, empathy and kindness could bring light into our world and make it a better place. And even today, these essential lessons of his youth play a big part in the man that he has become.

In October 2006, Jonathan moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and he and his wife bought and ran a grocery store in Deerfield Beach. A few years later, the two of them moved to Naples and bought a restaurant serving the Naples and Southwest Florida community. Now, he resides with his family in the Tampa Bay area.

High School: Bethany high school, graduate from high school 2002
College: C.A.D Earned a degree in business, graduated in 2006