My Vision


"It's time for change"

As someone who has worked hard to earn a good living to support my family and who has run several small businesses, I understand on a real gut level what the needs are for people of all socio-economic and demographic positions, of all political affiliations, and of all those who live in large metropolitan areas, as well as those who have made small suburban Florida towns their home.

I believe that ALL Floridians deserve good, honest, reliable representation. They deserve a living wage, the opportunities to get a first-class education and then a good job; to thrive and to be successful in a life and a career that fulfills them. To be able to raise their children in a safe and loving environment. To be a contributing member of all our communities. Together, the citizens of Florida can do better.

During this crippling worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, here in the United States—especially here in Florida–we’ve seen too many men and women who have lost their jobs, especially in the hospitality and service industries, as well as in our all-important agricultural sectors–farmers and farm workers. We’ve seen entire families queuing in their cars waiting for hours in food lines for the first time in their lives, without a roof over their heads,  with no Internet for their children’s online learning. All of them in dire need of a helping hand.

There are just too many people left behind in America, the richest country in the world. Here in Florida too, there are those people with no hope, those who are struggling to keep their heads above water, those who are out of work, looking for work—any work–who can’t pay their rent or monthly mortgage payments, who can’t put food on their tables. People who have just been left behind and made invisible by the current administration. This is intolerable and unacceptable. It must be changed.
I believe we need to increase the unemployment benefits in Florida so that people can actually live on the assistance they are given in times of need. I believe in providing career and education guidance, in setting up dedicated funds to help businesses—both small and large—that are struggling during these times and in providing assistance to the less fortunate or disabled of our population.

I believe that the current administration has shown little to no leadership at a time when our citizens are their most vulnerable. Many of us have been put out on a limb, on our own, when science and medical experts are begging for state governments to mandate rules and regulations to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Right now, no one is listening.
The citizens of Florida need help, they need real information in order to make real life decisions. They need a leader to hear their stories, understand their struggles, empathize with their plights. Then provide real solutions. They need a Governor who focuses on reality, one who puts people before party. I am your candidate for Governor because “It’s Time For Change.